Stuffed Animal – Happy Hamster

10 Feb

Hamster Soft Toy Free Sewing Pattern

PDF Sewing Patterns by misusu.coDownload Free PDF Sewing Pattern ‘Happy_Hamster.pdf’

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Yes! Finally my first ever downloadable pdf sewing pattern for a DIY project is ready! And even better, it is free! Making a sewing pattern for a stuffed animal was the first thing that came to mind. So I asked my friends and family what kind of animal they thought I should make. To my surprise, they all mentioned the same animal: a hamster!

When I came to think of it, it really was not that surprising that they all mentioned this animal – I’ve owned roughly about thirty hamsters in my life, including three litters. So I guess when you think of me and animals, think hamsters! They truly amaze me; did you know that most of them, can fit 2 whole shelled peanuts in their cheek pouches? They are resilient, funny, soft and sweet. And they make me laugh!

Hamster Soft Toy Free Sewing Pattern

So as a hamster fan, it seemed fitting to use the hamster as my first printable e-pattern of a stuffed animal. So what do you get when you push the download button?

You’ll get:

– a 9 page long PDF to make your very own stuffed happy hamster!

– detailed sewing instructions

– a ready to cut pattern

The only thing you’ll need is a printer, materials and some time to make your own hamster! Since this is the first pdf pattern I’ve ever made, I’m curious to here what you think, so I can keep perfecting my pdf patterns. So go ahead, download and start sewing! Let me know what you think through Twitter (@misusu_patterns) or by commenting below.

Oh, and if you have a blog and want to share this: you can put the download-widget onto your page using the “embed code”. Happy sewing!

Hamster stuffed animal sewing pattern