Name Artwork Tee

5 Dec


This tee was supposed to be Floortje’s.
I had been toying with the idea to do a name artwork with cotton cord and fluorescent yarn, but I found out soon enough that it was quite a challenge to create a long name with heavy cotton cord on a tiny baby tee. So I decided to do something else for baby Floortje. ;)┬áLuckily, the arrival of baby Jane was announced shortly after Floortje’s, so my project was back on track!

name tee details

For this project I started off with a second hand onesie, which I converted into a little tee. I cut off the sleeves and the diaper bottom and gave the tee contrast cuffs, a contrast inside placket, a contrast neck binding and off course a cotton cord name artwork. Above you can download the step by step how-to!

name tee 2

I really like the outcome! I think the artwork pops out nicely and I think it suits both girls and boys. If you’re thinking of making this artwork, than please make sure to fasten the cord securely! Even little baby’s are very strong! Happy sewing!