Cardigan Tee

24 Nov

cardigan tee2

In general, I find boys clothes a bit conservative. Don’t get me wrong, there are great brands out there, but in comparison to girls clothes, boys clothes can be a bit boring. I myself, also find it quite challenging to design for boys. Most off my crazy girls ideas just don’t convert to boys. But for this project, I’m pretty sure I succeeded in making something fun for a little boy!

For this project I made a cardigan with a contrast lapel collar. In the how-to I explain how to make a custom pattern for the lapel collar, which is applicable for any size tee. I kept the cut out (to create the front closure) and used it to make 2 pockets later. For the closure I used 3 sew-on snap buttons, and I added a contrasting inside placket to finish the inside.

I think this project is of an intermediate level, but the how-to is very detailed, so beginners should do just fine too. Enjoy!

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