Cool Culottes

25 May

kids culottes

I’ve decided it’s time for culottes to become hip and fashionable again! I’m that girl that loves to bike up the San Francisco hills in high heels and a skirt. Biking in San Francisco is already quite a hazardous ordeal. But try doing it, holding your skirt down, watching the traffic and avoiding causing accidents. Somehow biking and short skirts don’t seem to get along. And even when I’m not engaging in sporty activities, I’m still very conscious about wearing a short skirt, feeling less free. The perfect solution: culottes!

culottes on bike

The best feature of a culotte is it’s versatility. Culottes look like skirts but they have a inner leg seam like shorts, which make them ideal for dressed up activities. Like for my activity of choice, biking, the inner leg seam avoids the skirt from flapping up by a gust of wind. So no holding your skirt down while biking!

culottes for women

Culottes are appropriate for all ages. They are great for kids running and playing around. But also for us grown ups, they’re pretty convenient! And the best part: they are super easy to make! In this culottes tutorial, which you can download above, I explain how to take the necessary measurements (just two!) of yourself or your child, draw your own pattern, and how to stitch it all together. Don’t freak out by the mention of drawing your own pattern, relax it’s really easy! Ones you have your pattern you can vary endlessly by changing the length, adding pockets and using different fabrics, and you can probably make several in just one day!

Happy sewing!