Reversible Baby Booties

1 Jun

reversible shoes

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So here is the reversible baby booties pattern I’ve promised you a few weeks ago, which was the result of my “shoevolution“. The challenge was to make a cute and cool shoe, that was still pretty easy to make. I’ve tried to find a balance between the look of the shoe and the difficulty of the pattern; I made a few design decisions to create a better and easier pattern. As a designer, it’s really easy to make something difficult, but the real challenge lies in designing something really easy. This time, I didn’t quite succeed in designing something really easy, but I’m excited about the outcome!

shoe with untied straps

These soft baby booties could be the perfect handmade gift for a baby shower or for your own baby. The really fun part of making these little shoes, is combining the different fabrics. Because of the reversibility you can go crazy with the inside and outside of the shoe! You can even use some left over materials to create a multi colored/fabric shoe, but that also makes it more challenging. For this pattern, the difficulty lies in stitching the small corners and stitching the lining to make the shoe reversible. Also, how smaller the shoe, how more difficult! It’s an intermediate pattern, but the confident beginner should also be able to make these shoes! If you are a confident beginner, just make sure to start with one of the largest sizes!

Good luck & happy sewing!