PDF Pattern – Quilted Diamond Tote Bag

9 Mar

Diamond tote bag free pdf pattern and tutorial

PDF Sewing Patterns by misusu.coDownload PDF Sewing Pattern ‘diamond_tote_bag.pdf’

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Today I wanted to share a free downloadable DIY sewing project for the weekend that is going to make you look cool and is super practical at the same time! The Quilted Diamond Tote Bag!

I’m a huge fan of tote bags. I seldom leave the house without one. Most of the times I even take a spare one with me, because I never know what I’ll find on my adventures and how much I end up taking with me… I take them with me while shopping, buying groceries, traveling, going out with friends; I basically have one for every occasion imaginable. By now, I’ve accumulated a very decent collection of tote bags; designer tote bags, gifts from friends, a few Etsy tote bags, and some made and designed by myself. And today I’m sharing one of my favorites: the quilted diamond tote bag!

diamond tote bag2

As some of you might know, I have a small obsession for diamonds at the moment. For hollund’s last summer collection I designed a ‘diamond’ tee, which became the inspiration for this tote bag. In this design, I played with the direction of the stripes on the fabric, which gives a cool quilted look! The bag is pretty easy to make; if you know how to sew straight, I’m sure you can do it! But as a little side note, I must say that using a striped fabric makes it a bit more difficult. But don’t worry, the pdf pattern (which you can download for free at the top of this post) has a very thorough tutorial with a lot of pictures! If you do decide to use a striped fabric, make sure not to use stripes that are too small. And if you prefer it even easier, you can skip the stripes all together! Recently I did a diamond tote bag in a simple natural cotton twill (uni-colored) which looked awesome as well!

So good luck everybody! I can’t wait to see what versions you come up with!
I want pictures! ;)

Happy sewing!

Free sewing pattern for a quilted diamond tote bag